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Puppies - information


We breed two different breeds, Bolognese and Lagotto Romagnolo. As puppie they are, like puppies of all breeds, irresistible and it's easy to fall for a puppy.

Are you interested in a puppy from our kennel? Do not forget that the puppy very soon will grow up and that both a puppy, an intermediate and an adult dog requires a lot of time and dedication from you as an owner.


We health test all the dogs that we breed and use only healthy dogs in our breeding. We are members of the Swedish Kennel Club, SKK, and follows their rules. We are also members of the breed club for bolognese - Bichon Bolognese & Havanais Club and the breed club for Lagotto Romagnolo - Svenska Lagotto Romagnoloklubben and follows the respective club's breeding policy.


For us as breeders aswell for the development of our breeds it is important to follow up our breeding program. By following up our litters and evaluate the results we will get information about what each combination has given our breed, and allows us to prevent the spread of hereditary diseases. To make it able for us to perform this evaluation aof even in the future breed healthy dogs - something that is not only important for us ts breeders but also for those who buys a puppy, we make certain demands on you that will buy a puppy from us.


  • For Bolognese we demand that the dog shall do the examination for patellaluxation, after the dog has turned one year old.
  • For Lagotto we demand that the dog shall do the examination to x-ray the hips, after the dog has turned one year old.
  • For both breeds it is desired that the dogs performs eye exams. The examination shall always be done before the dog is used in breeding but even if the dog is only meant as a companion dog, it is desirable that the examination is made at least once.
  • For both breeds it is desired that the dog participate at an official dog show at least one time, we will of course help to show the dog if you doesn't want to do it yourself.
  • For both breeds it is desired that the dog participate at a BPH, a test that we have in Sweden and that describes the dogs behavior and personality.


When you that buys a puppy from us help us to perform these health tests of your dog you will increase our chances of early detection of heriditary diseases in our breeds and thenreby prevent their spread. A judgement at an official show not only gives an indication of how the dogs exterior stands against the breed standard but is also proof that the dog has behaved in the show ring where it has been handled by an unknown person. A completed BPH provides information on how the dog behaves in different situations and is a valuable tool for us breeders in the evaluation of our breeding.


Our goal is to breed sound and healthy dogs with an exterior and a temperament that corresponds to respective breed standard.


If you feel that you can set up on these conditions towards us and are interested in a puppy, then you are welcome to contact us for more information.