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Kennel Lakelover's


If you are interested in any of our two breeds you are welcome to contact us to get to know more. We will happily answer your questions and give our views of the breeds. .


If you are thinking about getting a dog and are interested in a puppy. Read under the headline puppies where we present our thoughts before a possible purchase of a puppy from us and also present what we require of you if you buy a puppy from our kennel. We will also present what you can expect out of us as breeders. Under the headline puppies - planned litters we also present our closest plans on puppies. Please note that the page is under construction!


As you can see, you find us on two adresses, Pia in Gothenburg and Johanna in Bara outside Malmö.

Pia Sundqvist

Dimvädersgatan 28

418 37 Göteborg



+46 704-57 49 16

Johanna Norrlid

Torggatan 26

233 61 Bara



+46 735-26 54 62