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Kennel Lakelover's

About us


We are two breeders, mother and daughter, Pia and Johanna who together breeds under the kennel prefix Lakelover's. We have two breeds that originated from about the same area of northern Italy, Bolognese and Lagotto Romagnolo.


Pia grew up with the Golden Retriever and it was also this race that were in the home when Johanna was born. Our first lagotto moved in during the spring of 2005 and the following year it was time for Lagotto number two to move in. Together with our lagottoboys Scheffelfältets Lex Lampante and Scheffelfältets Wittorio Vigile we have had a lot of fun. We have made several trips to Italy where we have participated at both exhibitions and truffletrials with great success.


In the autumn 2008 we got our first Bolognese, Scheffelfältets Carl Larsson. He was meant to be a mascot to the Lagottos and gave us a challenge with a completely different grooming than the Lagottos offered. Larsson is an extremely charming and resourceful dog and he opened up for more Bologneses to move in at our place.


The dream of starting a breeding with these breeds have been around a long time, already since we got our first lagotto. For many years we said that we would get a female but before it became a reality, we had four males in the family.


Since we only had males we decided to borrow a female Bolognese, Scheffelfältets Sophie Elkan, from Elisabeth Scheffel to start our breeding and to her use one of our own males. The litter was not so great but consisted of only a bitch, Lakelover's Prima Principessa Agata, and we chosed to keep her at our kennel.


When we started our breeding we chosed to divide the dogs, the females lived with Johanna and the males with Pia. At that time we lived much closer to each other, then Johanna moved from Gothenburg to just outside of Malmö and the distribution of males and females has changed as the number of dogs has grown.


Today we have two Lagotto and ten Bologneses in our kennel, we have our Lagottos Scheffelfeltets Isadoradilakelovers and Lakelover's Carina Curiosa and also one of our Bologneses Lakelover's Beda Carlsdotter out on breeding terms and they lives in three wonderful families that we are very happy to have a great cooperation with.


Both Pia and Johanna has been active in different dog clubs. Pia has been secretary at our local dog club ABHK and are today in t the breeding committee at the swedish Bolognese Club, BBHC and substitute auditor at the Swedish Lagotto Club, SLRK. Johanna has been in the nomination committee at ABHK, secretary and member of the board at SLRK and BBHC and the West Sweden Kennel Club and at the board and vice president in BBHC.


We believe that it is important to engage in our breeds and a way to influence and drive the work of the breeds forward is to do volunteer work in the clubs where we are members.


We and our dogs participated in several courses with different orientations, both in practical courses but also courses in association techniqe and educations for breeders.


Today we mostly participate at dog shows with our dogs, both in Sweden and abroad. We think that it is a good excuse to travel together with our dogs and meet friends from the whole world with the same interest.